Don’t fear the Millennials, fear the Nexters. By Js Kendrick

You might find it odd not to be afraid of the Millennials. I mean who wouldn’t be? If you are a Baby Boomer like myself or a Generation X’er fear of Millennials is rampant.

For one, they have a fascination with Starbucks, to the point they will go into credit card debt to get their Pumpkin Spice Latte. They are also so connected to their smartphones that you’re absolutely convinced they must be physically connected to them. Okay, maybe they do have a chip implant or at least a wireless charger implant in their palms. I’m not sure, might be, but doubtful.

Then there is their work ethic. We’ve all heard about that. Millennials are incapable of hard work. They just can’t be bothered with showing up on time and this whole 8 hour thingy. Trying to explain something so trivial as what is the difference between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean makes their noses stuffy.

Those of us from the older generations just don’t ‘get it’. Often we are told this when they dare to peek up from their smartphones. I have even heard Millennials complain about other Millennials, saying their generation is just lazy.

Yet none of this is true. I know many Millennials that are hard-working, smart, the typical go-getters. Most had to come into the workforce in the middle of the Great Recession. In a time where the typical Blue Collar job was vanishing. Many had to move back into their parent’s home, or take a second, even third job just to survive.

Now they may not be savvy enough to know geography, yet they are smart enough to ask Siri where the Pacific Ocean is. And that is their strong point. Millennials grew up with the internet, along with smartphones that came along in their late teens or early twenties. They have a cornucopia of information at their fingertips. Many use this vast resource for fun and games, yet they also use it to seek out titbits of knowledge that we of the older generations had to go to the local library and hope old man Cooper had returned the book we needed.

Millennials have the one thing we of the older generations longed for, speed. I grew up with 3 channels on our T.V., my millennial daughters grew up with over a 100 channels. They never had to wait for long to see a movie or find something interesting to watch. With millennials it was always there.

That may be their true ‘downfall’. Millennials are an impatient lot. They didn’t have to wait for years for Harry Potter to come to a Network T.V. channel, they only had to wait a few months to rent or buy it on VHS or DVD. As they grew older this “immediacy” grew as technology improved. Waiting is not their strong point, Google is.

Yet there is another generation waiting in the shadows of the Millennials. The Nexters. This is the Netflix, Tablet loving, Speak into the remote generation. I have a couple of them too, a 9 and a 6-year-old. Five if I include my 3 grandsons. This generation is the one that waiting will not be an option. They will need information and gratification right this flipping minute.

This is a generation is growing up with cartoons that put Captain Planet to shame. Every cartoon, every app, everything has a message and a moral. Maybe not the best morals, but morals nonetheless. These kids are just spoiled rotten. So say their millennial sisters.

If Millennials are doomed because of lack of patience, what can we say of the Nexters? Can you imagine? I’m not sure I can. Heck I remember when I was told I would go to work in a flying car and have moving sidewalks. That hasn’t happen yet, unless you count the ones at the airports. Flying cars? I really hope not, driving a car is hazardous enough with blinkers now seen as a sign of weakness. And then they are trying to convince us that self driving cars are to be the new thing. Nope.

Of course we will be watching the Nexters, watching the children of Millennials, and of us older parents like myself, who have a couple in my household, grow and learn. I’m sure the Millennials will complain that they have it easy. My older two children are¬†already complaining that their younger siblings have it easy. We at this moment don’t know what type of people they will be, we are still finding out what type of people the Millennials are. Although I feel, and I hope, that like the generations before them, they too will step up to the proverbial plate and move our world forward. They probably will of course, as long as it is done on an app on their tablet.


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